Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Writing challenge: Word Roots

Word Root: Phobia

One day I walking down the street and ran into a bug and screamed because, I have a fear of Entomphobia! I accidentally jumped to the side avoiding the bug and knocked into a man with a scruffy beard. He yelled and ran away, maybe he was a Gynophobe, the fear of woman. I walked into the kitchen and my dad was cutting cheese with a pointy knife because, my mom has Turophobia the fear of cheese. My brother was outside pitching the baseball just skimming my mom's glove. I head up the carpeted stairs and lay down my book bag in perfect order next to my pencils having Ataxophobia the fear of mess, I am very clean and organized. After an hour I ran downstairs, and my brother was shaking because he was a Phobophobia the fear of fear as my parents were sitting separate for they have a fear of Malaxophobia the fear of cuddling. I must say my family the Phobia's are quite fearful of many things in life.

Monday, January 4, 2016

What will I do with my wild precious life?-Hailey

I don't how someone can plan their life is it possible? I want to live spontaneously and when an opportunity presents its self I will choose which path I will chose and what I want to do. I hope travel and meet new people and build relationships. To have a house and go to collage, my one  goal is to adopt a child to save a child from a struggling environment. I hope to help as many people as I can and to live the happiest life possible.

Thursday, December 17, 2015


Grid a place where people are controlled by one system everyday the same thing, but what would happen if someone wasn’t chipped. What is chipping well, it’s happens when you are born, the chippers insert a chip into your neck they control you and track you now, but someone wasn’t chipped. Was it an accident or on purpose, to get our freedom back? His name is Enoch he is fearless independent everything Grid doesn’t want.
“Woo hoo!” screamed Enoch
“Get off that hoverboard, before counselor Mya sees if she does you’ll be put in the fyln again.” warned Nadette
“I’m fine.” Enoch shrugged like he was never afraid Nadette admired his confidence. The door closed it was counselor Mya. They both shot a nervous glance at each other Enoch jumped off the flying toy and hid, Nadette ran and started to look like she was picking the crops.
“Nadette!” Mya bellowed “where is Enoch, captain Dresul wants him.” Nadette’s mouth hung open very few have seen captin Dresul! Why Enoch, is he being banished, she thought.
“Y-y-yes, he is by the tree,” she said still dazed from hearing that Enoch is seeing captain Dresul.
The day ended as usual like everyday before it maybe one day my life would be interesting and not the same boring day she pondered. The next day Enoch came running and hugged her.
“Guess what,” Enoch questioned
“What, what tell me.”
“ I’m being promoted to assistant head! I’ll be working with captian Dresul!”
“Wow, that’s great.” she said calmly knowing that she would most likely not see him again. “Why did he pick you?” she asked she tilted her head to the left and folded her arms.
“He said I was special, different.”
Meanwhile captain Dresul talked with his secretary
“He’s not chipped we scanned him, he’s special dangerous ,independent,” Dresul rambled on. Captian Dresul’s office was a clean bright open office, with strange colorful abstract paintings across the pearly white walls.
“I need him close we need eyes on him at all times we’ve lost the ability to chip him.” he sat down and rested his head inside the palm of his hand and sighed, because Enoch is a dangerous unchipped independent human being.
“What if he taught others to be independent, he could mean a revolution!” He shrieked
Back at the fields Nadette sat thinking I could be carefree and wild, I could be different then we could be together, me and Enoch. She shook the crazy thought from her mind and began working almost as if she was a machine going through the movements, like everyday. That night Nadette slept awaking multiple times drenched in sweat from deep concentration from her dream of taking over and being the captain then her and Enoch could be together, forever. That night she sketched out her plan and got up early to say goodbye to Enoch. She jogged over and paused to look at the sunrise just as the summer dew was falling of the lush green leaves. She continued on she reached his house. She hesitated then knocked on his “door” which was a log that blocked the bears from coming in from the aroma of food. He opened it and saw her face and a wide grin came across his face it made her feel, special.
“Hi I just wanted to say” she coughed “goodbye and good luck.” She walked halfway towards the door “I-I had a strange dream, about the captain and he was hiding something, but it was stupid” she brushed her bangs away from her hazelnut eyes.
“No it’s not I had the same dream!” he said with a hint of a nervous laugh “If they are hiding something what are they keeping from the Grid?” Enoch said he glanced down hoping that the were just being silly, Nadette looked down sorrowfully.
“Hey it’s ok if they're up to something I can investigate, we’ll figure this out.” He said he gazed deep into her eyes.
“I have to go.” she sniffled, and walked out. Enoch started packing and devising a plan, one that could change the course of grid forever. A portal appeared and a man by its side ready to hop in he grabbed his luggage the man had a scruffy beard and purple eyes and extravagant outfit. At the center of Grid was the high social people with the money to do whatever including getting purple eyes, and that’s where he was heading.
“:Hello sir, the portal is here to take us are you ready, the captain is waiting to meet you.”
“:Yes i’m ready.” Enoch said with absolutely no emotion. Enoch stepped putting a imprint into the soft muddy ground towards the portal to his new and high tech luxury life. They arrived at the palace and in front of him was the one and only captain Dresul. Dresul was slim with silver hair and blue lips.
“Hello, Enoch how are you so glad you accepted the position.” he said in a formal tone “would you like a tour?”
“Y-Y-Yes, very much thank you.” he said gazing at the bright colorful room hoping to see more.
“Ok, well I am very busy so we can do a tour later but, it is time for you to go to the parlor.” Enoch gave a quizzical look.
“Oh my assistant Jer will explain chop chop have fun.” he waved and walked out. Him and Jer hopped into the portal and reappeared at the parlor. There was bustle all around people with green eye lashes and orange eyes and hair carrying tools.
“Hello,” a lady in a uniform said “are you Enoch?” she asked
“Yes.” He said wondering what are they going to do to him, to think of what they would do scared him half to death.
“Come with me,” she said happily. He looked back at Jer almost asking no pleading for him to say no to the nurse, but Jer’s face was stone. Despite his hesitation he followed the perky lady into a room with lots of pictures.
“So this is the big moment you have to pick you what you are.” She said almost reliving the moment she got to choose.
“So let’s get started!” She squealed
“Let’s start, with your raggy hair and that mucky brown color.” she mocked
“Ok,” Enoch said very unsure of what he was in for.
“ Ok, what hair, color do you want, purple,, blue, yellow, orange, pink, black, white.” she questioned
“Um, white,” he said
“Ok, eyes, not as many choices but beautifuls. So we have a sky blue, hot pink, purple, and a fire orange!” she said squealing
“Sky blue.”
“Excellent choice!”
“On to eyelashes, green, purple, or black, and what length, short, medium, and long?”
“Black, and long,”
“Alright, lay down, in the tube.” she directed, Enoch gawked at the transparent tube with shining blue lights.
“A-A-Alright,” he cautiously laid down.
“Close your, eyes and don’t be afraid of the lights. I’m going to put a mask on you it’s ok you're in good hands.” she cautioned. She placed the mask on Enoch, and instantly he was knocked out as the procedure began. Soon after he awaked in the tube startled by his new setting. Enoch stood and went to the mirror, he jumped he had white hair spiked up blue eyes and long black lashes!
“You're awake! Do you like your new look?”
“I guess.” He shrugged
“Jer is waiting to take you to the palace.” She smiled and pointed to the left were Jer was waiting patiently looking left and right for Enoch. Enoch walked out to greet Jer.
“Hello, Jer.” Enoch said shyly.
“Are you ready, Sir?” He said professionally.
“Yes.” The captain is waiting to give you a tour. The portal again appeared at their command. They jumped in and soon appeared in front of captian Dresul.
“Hello, again are you ready for the the tour?” Enoch hadn't notice that Captain Dresul was quite old and slim, with wrinkles with complimented his silver hair.
“Yes I’m ready for the tour.” ,Captain Dresul smiled,
“Alright let’s start with the living room. In her we have the handcrafted glass fire place and the furniture is from our good friend Javier.” Enoch looked around taking mental notes where anything useful might be for investigating to find the secret, the book shelf and an odd painting. They moved to the Kitchen nothing suspicious except the basement door. Which the captain conveniently didn’t mention he moved to the library of books. Which was the oddest thing there were no books. Only glass tablets that had many stories on them there were a vast collection of the glass tablets definitely a place to visit to find information. They moved upstairs escalating the grand staircase. They stopped in his room, his door had architectural detail with his name carved into the door. They stepped inside it had a canopy bed, with glass walls with a remote that changed the scene on the wall. Along side it was the bed side table with the same detailing as the door.
“Well, do you like it?” Captain Dresul questioned
“Wow, it’s gorgeous.” Enoch awed at the fancy room
“Well I’ll leave you to explore the rest of the palace if you have any questions ask me you begin your position tomorrow.”
After a peaceful night of relaxation, Enoch headed down stairs to the pantry where Dila was. Dila is the secretary.
“Hello Dila.” He said “How are you?”
“Good, when you’re ready captain is in his office around the corner.” she informed
“Thank you see you later.” He waved goodbye and walked around the corner about to start his first days of figuring out the capitol’s secret.
“Hello captain,” Enoch said standing up straighter ”what should I do first?” He questioned.
“You can start with organizing my papers.”
“Ok,” Enoch could not think of a better way to dig up information. He sat down at a desk and started sorting after a few minutes he came across an unusual pink paper. It had different handwriting than all the other sheets. It had blue, purple, yellow look under, over find the spot and pull scribbled on the paper. He walked backed and stopped in front of Dresul.
“May I take a break?” Enoch asked hoping to get time to explore.
“Yes of course but only 20 minutes.”
“Thank you.” Enoch smiled he walked out into the living room first going to the bookshelf to skim the book titles. There was Capitol:History, Capitol addmienities, color, what's beyond the rainbow. He picked up color, he flipped through the book, nothing, it had been 20 minutes he had to go back to work.
Enoch flipped over it was 1:48 at night he took of the covers and turned on the lights. He pulled the jeans up and buttoned his flannel and rubbed his head took the flashlight and closed the door stealthy. He turned around and head down the stairs keep close to the railing not making any sound he creeped around the corner towards the living room. He stepped closer to the bookshelf then turned left and shined the flashlight out the painting. it had purple blue and yellow blotches. He leaned over and looked over and saw nothing looked under and there was a corner of a paper. He tugged at it, it pulled back it tugged lose. He bolted upstairs and closed the door to his room. He sat down and sighed glad the “mission” was over. He turned on the light and looked at the paper,it said Magic holds the key no one knows they can wield the magic let no one no to keep the peace. He sat awed they had magic he heard about it from other lands but him Nadette all had magic! The thought was crazy he had to talk to Nadette.
The sun was rising, he had to go quickly, he stuffed all of his clothes rapidly, and he summoned the portal and hopped in quickly he was in his house. He bolted to Nadettes before she left for the feilds.
He bursted in “Nadette,” he screamed excitedly
“Enoch!” she said shocked
“Why are you here?” Nadette asked
“I found this.” He handed her the paper she read it making shocked faces at every line.
“We all have magic! should we tell people would they believe us?” He asked
“They might I think we should spread the word.” She said
“What happened to your hair and eyes?” She cocked her head confused with his new look.
“ They made me look like I belonged in the center of the capitol.” He shrugged
“Ok, now that we have a plan let’s spread the world.” She smiled ready to cause chaos little did they know what it would cost them.
Knock! Knock! Captain Dresul banged
“Enoch we don’t have you here to sit around and eat our food. Get up now I need you to go run errands for me.” Dresul bellowed. Enoch didn’t reply.
“I mean it Enoch, 1,2,3,!” He screamed, he hit the door with his shoulder busting open the door. No one was there Dresul ran down to the living room and ran down to find no paper.
“Jer!” He shouted go to Enoch’s village send a signal to everyone we are on lockdown!”
Nadette shouted the secret held from them for so long screaming to spread the word trying to explain what happened. Enoch was running door to for everyone who wasn’t in the fields to explain the situation and use local phones to call neighbors. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Attention in 5 minutes we are on lockdown. Enoch sprinted to find Nadette, Nadette searched frantically for Enoch as the warning ran out. They bumped into each they grabbed each other by the shoulders and deep sighed.
“Nadette, they’re coming for me we need to run.” He said franticly
“ Ok.” She said uncertain about their plan. They sprinted towards the barrier the leaves cringed under their feet as they trampled the plants towards the outward world. They soon spotted a cave, as dark neared closer. Enoch climbed in and hoisted Nadette down they heard footsteps nearing they crouched in the corner. Nadette shivered against Enoch’s chest he took off his jacket and wrapped it around themselves praying not to be found for the horrors and punishment they might face.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

It Never Rains Forever

It Never Rains Forever
By~ Hailey Spencer

It was sudden, like a massive wave toppled over me, but worse--a pain that was undeniable. I heard the siren in my left ear, it was piercing. I felt pounding footsteps on the pavement as my head was resting on the wet ground.
“Miss can you hear me?”
I shifted my body to see his face it was structured with boney cheek bones with eyes that would make you get lost in translation. He look panic, but looked like I could trust him. I tried to stand but an extricating pain went through me.
“Don’t move!” He commanded
He yelled some orders to other men screaming in a deep tone with authority and command--and that’s when everything went black.
The door handle moved putting a slim crack in the door. A man, as plump as a pumpkin, stepped through the door with caution, making sure not to startle anyone he had a broad smile a wilting face with a few wrinkles I could tell he was older than 40. He walked over to my bed side. The man was the only thing I concentrated on for minutes, I finally took my gaze off of him. I shifted in the bed ruffling the sheets. I examined the room it was musty and dull while the sheets were plain white and colorful wire disorganized throughout the small peculiar space. I realized that I was in a hospital, but why I felt pain that shifted throughout my body but, I couldn’t remember why, what had happened. His hand brushed my shoulder. He looked at me with gracious eyes and a wide smile almost as big as the cheshire cat. I snickered at the thought, then realized what the possibilities of why I was here.
“Hello,” I said with uncertainty.
“Well I’m glad you’re awake,” said the doctor
“What happened?” I demanded
I had a stern stone face look plastered on my face. He paused a moment took a deep breath his shoulders heaved up and down.
“What happen!” I said more impatient than the last time.
“It’s all very complicated,” he sat beside me.
“Two days ago on Tuesday around 7:40 PM, you were driving and were in a car crash. You and your best friend, Bethany, were in critical condition. A by passer quickly called 911. We arrived, and rushed you here immediately.”
“Why did we crash, was I driving?”
He looked at the floor and started to fiddle with his hands.
“You were driving, you crashed because of texting, but I’m here to tell you, your friend Bethany, has passed away.” He said with melancholy in his voice.
“Who is Bethany, who am I?” I was very confused who is he talking about, who is Bethany?
“You were in a coma for two days, and lost most of your memory.”
“I am also here to assist you while you recover, let's begin. What is your name?”
“I don’t remember,”
My bottom lip started to quiver my hold body started to shake, with sadness, I wanted to crawl into a dark deep hole and never return.
“Why did this happen, why me.”
My shoulders started to heave up and down slowly then faster and faster I started to sob, as tears ran down my face like streamers.
“It’s alright we’ll get through this.” He had a genuine look of concern on his face.
“You don’t even know me, I don’t know me! I don’t know my parents, or the friend who just passed away!” I was raged but felt bad for the doctor but, he didn’t have the right to say anything, it wasn’t his fault, it was mine. I was surprised how I lashed out. He looked at me looked into my eyes with a pitiful expression and nodded his head and walked out without a word. I looked around, slumped under the covers, and cried.
The next day wasn’t much better, I learned my doctor's name it is Dr.Derek or Dr.D. He came in he stepped slowly he looked like his body ached with pain, I didn’t freak out I was calm, I tried to smile and look happy.
“Hi, are you ready for speech therapy.”  Dr.D said
“I guess.”
“Ok, all day I want you to think about what your name is try to figure it out.”
“Alright, I’ll try.”
“Ok, so I want you to take a guess on how old you are.”
I looked up and down my fairly boney body, there isn’t mirrors so I don’t know how I look.
“I guess about 18, maybe” I said with question.
“Ok you are only 16, don’t get discouraged you were very close.”
“I believe it is time to meet your parents!” He said with so much enthusiasm.
I slowly raised from the bed.
“Take your time.”
We stepped out from the room into the hall, the light was blinding the room I had been in was very musty and dull, with minimal lighting. Out here was bright, and open, I took a few steps pain zipped through my body faster than lighting.
“Ahh, oh my God!”
“What is it?” Dr. D asked he turned his face and looked at me with much concern
“I need a wheelchair, it hurts to walk.”
While called for someone I turned to my left and there was mirror. I stared into the mirror I had a structured features a few pimples and a way to big forehead. My eyes were seaweed green with long eyelashes
“Ready,” he asked taking me out of my trance of looking at myself.
They pushed a wheelchair under me.  They wheeled me out there stood a family of three gaping at me with tears rolling down their cheeks. The woman came darting at me and squeezed me, crushing my limp body.
“Ouuuch!” I howled
“Sorry.” She said while wiping her face. The little boy came up to me and said
“I have a present for you!”
He pulled his hands out from behind his back to show me a brown stuffed bear with a red ribbon wrapped around it’s neck.
“Thank you.” I leaned over and hugged him.
The last person standing, was the man he was standing there like he was cemented to the floor he looked at me he sniffled turned and walked out.
“Hi sweetie, how are you are you ready to go home?” The lady exclaimed
“Sure.” I mumbled
After meeting my family it was all a big blur, the car ride, the arrival home, I just wanted a nap. I slumped and mopped into my bedroom I stopped in the doorway as my bedroom was filled with colorful balloons and a sign read Welcome home Emily! I started to to whimper in despair as I had just been told my name the one thing that belongs to me. Footsteps trampled up the stairs.
“What’s wrong.” Hollered the man
“The doctor told me, that I had figure out my name own on and you just told it to me!”
I didn’t know whether to be to be irritated or sad. I felt like I was helpless that everyone didn’t think I could recover or do anything on my own like, walk, or remember my name. The man stared at the floor he took my hand and sat me down, probably just as he done when I was five but, of course I can’t remember. He looked at me sternly, he sighed.
“Emily, you’re in a tough situation, but let me remind you, that you are a fighter, and you will get through this.”
He patted my knee and walked out and closed the door. I thought about what he said, I’m a fighter, I didn’t feel like one I felt useless and like I wasn’t independent.
The next morning I slide the scratchy dark navy blue jeans, up my scrawny body. I slipped on the comfy sweatshirt with the North Face logo in bright green, I put my brown uggs on and stuffed my hair in a hat. I grabbed the blue bag stuffed in the corner and slung it across my back. I sluggishly moved down the creaky undusted stairs.
“Hi sweetie, are you ready?” exclaimed my mom
“Sure.” I replied
She opened the door and we stepped into the cold windy frosted air. We stepped making indented temporary footprints soon to be covered by a soft smooth layer of snow.
We pulled up next to the sidewalk, I hopped out as quickly as I could the car ride was terrifying with all the bumps and honking. I wonder whether this is what it was like the day of the car crash. My boots clunked on the uneven pathway. I swiftly moved down the hallway keeping my head down from unsettling glances. I skidded in the door of the main office. There was a line of students they were covered in band T-shirts, and name brand sweatshirts, and converse, some had lipstick, blush and mascara plastered on their face. The line quickly shorten and it was finally my turn.
“What’s your name?” The secretary beamed
“Emily Walsh.” I said with no ease
She softly scanned the button and pushed it with little force. She  spoke softly into the machine
“Principal Ball can I send back Emily, Walsh?”
“Of course, Mary Ann.” He said with a deep voice.
I walked back in no hurry to meet my principal. I reach the door and stepped through he had an open office with students paintings that hung from wall to wall, and photos of his family on his oak desk.
“Hi, Emily how are you?”
“I’m not going to lie I could be better.” I said with a small smile
He chuckled
“I understand, come sit down. He motioned to his desk.
“I am going to give you your schedule and I’ll walk you to your first class.” He said. He looked at me with a huge smile and like he wanted me to thank him with lots of gratitude. We got up and started down the hallway and up one level and came upon, Mrs.Cameron’s classroom. Principal Ball opened the door and waltzed in with big strides and motioned for me to come in the classroom. I walked in not looking at anyone, I stood planted in the front of the classroom.
The teacher Mrs.Cameron said
“Can you tell us your name and a fun fact about yourself?”
“Sure, M-m-my name is Emily, and,” I paused not wanting to say anything stupid
“I -I- I enjoy art.” Which was a lie since, I couldn’t think of anything while everyone was staring at me. I was freaking out in my mind thinking Oh, my god I’m going to blow this, don’t  say anything stupid oh my god
“Ok, you can sit next to Kyle, in the back.” she directed
The period was long and boring everyone keep taking quick sharp glances at me. I stepped in the hall, and skimmed my schedule, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Two boys one slightly chubby and the other skinnier than me, they both look at me with smiles.
“Hi remember me, Emily.” said the one skinny boy.
“No-o-o I don’t I don’t know anyone.” I said ashamed and looked at the floor starting to fiddle with my sweatshirt.
“Well me and Tommy were your best friends!” they exclaimed
I felt suspicious about them I served them up and down. Suddenly a girl skinny pale skin and red hair came walking over.
She boomed
“Tommy, and Harold are you guys harassing this girl?”
“No-o-o, Mazi,” they said with fear and uneasiness in their voice
“We'll, stop telling her false information about herself, she is already having a hard time without you to being mean to her.” She command.
The two boys took one glance at each other and skidded as fast as they could down the hallway and around the corner.
“Hi, I am Mazi, what's your name.”
“My name is Emily.”
“Well sorry those two were bothering you.” She apologized
“It’s ok were what they were saying true?”
“No not at all, want to sit with me at lunch?” She asked
“Sure where is room 217, it’s my next class?”
“Around the corner first left.” she directed.
After a boring morning of classes and homework, I finally sat down at the crowded lunch table. I scooted next to Mazi, she glanced at me with a smile.
“Want to come to my house?” I asked
She nodded her head and said “I would love too.” She smiled
We walked through the door I dreaded walking through this morning except I was happy and excited. We walked into my room and collapsed on my bed and dropped our backpacks on the floor.
“So what happen to you?” She asked
“I was in a car crash and a comma and lost my memory.”
Throughout the week me and Mazi grew closer and then I knew I had finally made a friend. One day when me and Mazi were in my room, Mazi asked
“Are you ever going to drive again?”
“I don’t know,”
“Well you should.”
“I could set up a lesson?”
I paused unsure if I was ready.
“Sure.” I said
The next day in Mrs.Cameron's class as I was spacing off she said a quote one that impacted me, “It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever”. I feel like it sums my journey. The next day Mazi told me that on November 23 I could try my test.
The next day I told Mazi how I was scared of failing or dying. She touched my shoulders looked at me and said it’s going to be fine. I wasn’t sure but I went along with it.
The day finally arrived, my palms were sweaty as we sat in the driver's test office. What if I fail, what if I crash or have seizures, I am going to fail, and oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I wiped my palms on my jeans and fiddled with my jacket. The speaker crackled to life Emily Walsh head to the parking lot A. As I took small cautious steps towards the car, I started to panic. I shook the instructor's hand. I got in the car adjusted my feet and placed my hands on the leather steering wheel. I thought to myself be strong because it may be stormy now but, it never rains forever”.